Love the Planet

The earth is worth celebrating, being eco-friendly does not mean compromising on the quality. Think of ways to help others so nothing is wasted. Shop locally & responsibly. 


We prefer to use seasonal blooms from flower farms located in Hampshire. This means no air miles, no chemical insecticides and no pesticides. Our growers use peat free organic soil conditioner made from 100% organic material to mulch and condition the beds, as well as home-made compost and teas. 

For nine months of the year, British flowers are in full bloom, throughout the tough growing months we do have a fantastic Dutch source who are dedicated to being as sustainable as possible. 


All of our latex balloons are 100% biodegradable. 

We ask our customers to be responsible and not release their balloons into the air. 


We use eco sourced cellophane and all our cardboard and tape are recycled.