the Claudia & B Bunch...

C & B was born in 2020, in the first pandemic, by Jane & Meg, a mother-daughter duo. 

Claudia is Meg's middle name, and B is a nod to Jane's maiden name. Jane has been a freelance florist for a very long time, alongside being a stay at home mummy bringing Meg and her older sister, Amba, up. Meg was in fashion design for many years after graduating from university. When covid hit, like many, Meg lost her job and moved back home to Winchester. 

After many glasses of wine in the garden, Meg well and truly caught the flower bug, and made Jane promise to teach her everything to make it work! Combining our experience, love for flowers, colour & anything creative, which really helps when making clients dreams a reality. 

We are located in a wee village between Winchester & Alresford, whilst it is primarily the two of us, we have a team of flower fairies when we need them! We are very much a family run business, with Meg's dad & boyfriend doing many of our deliveries...  We began by creating gorgeous posies to share the character of seasonal British flowers to sell within our village, and gradually grew from there (with lots of happy/excited dances on the way)!

Our style is loose and country-fied, we love to use cottage garden flowers & foliage, and have a passion for exploring colours palettes. We are very lucky to be surrounded by a handful of local flower farms to work alongside our own garden flowers.

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