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This gorgeous fern house plant is perfect for adding style to your home or office with it's pleated leaves. The wavy fronts are highly efficient at converting CO2 into oxygen and cleaning the air, and it is fairly easy to maintain. 

Light: Moderate, indirect light; avoid direct sunlight and deep shade.

Water: You should water throughout the growing season about 1-2 times a week to keep it moist but do not allow it to stand in water. It is best to water it directly onto the soil rather than in the centre as this could cause rotting. 

Temperature: Keep it at a cool to average household temperature (16-21°C). Keep away from draughts.

This Asplenium does not like hot, dry conditions, it prefers a degree of humidity. You should mist it regularly, would be well situated in a bathroom or kitchen. 

It should be kept dust free, by removing the excess dust with a damp cloth, however in doing so avoid tender new fronds. You should also rotate this fern if it gets more light from one side, in order to maintain an even shape. 

The zinc pot is not included, the fern comes in it's plastic pot. 


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